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Furuno FA150 AIS System
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Furuno FA150 AIS System

The Furuno FA150 AIS transponder improves your navigation safety by observing other ships equipped with AIS.  You can exchange information in real time with other ships data, including static, dynamic, voyage information and safety-related messages within VHF coverage area.

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Display Size: 4.5" Monochrome LCD
Transponder Unit:156.025 MHz to 162.025 MHz
GPS Receiver:12 channels parallel, 12 satellites tracking
Ship Reporting Capacity:2250 reports per minute, 4500 reports per minute on 2 channels

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The FA-150 AIS includes an internal GPS receiver that provides COG and SOG and positioning data if no external positioning equipment is connected.  The GPS receiver also provides UTC reference for system synchronization.  You can combine GPS and VHF or use as separate antennas to get the best performance in places where there is noise from other radio equipment, like radar and satellite phones.
FA150 AIS Display

Data Provided by the FA150
  • MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)
  • Type of Ship, call sign, vessel name
  • IMO Number (when available)
  • Location of position-fixing antenna on ship
  • Length and beam
  • Ship's position
  • COG, SOG, Heading
  • UTC
  • Rate of Turn (where available)
  • Hazardous cargo
  • If captain allows, destination and ETA
  • Free messages and short safety-related messages

Furuno  Features:
  • 4.5" Silver Bright LCD display
  • Compliance with IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3, A.694, ITU-R M.1371 - 1 and DSC ITU-R M.825
  • Connectivity with RADAR, ECDIS, PC
  • Internal, built-in GPS receiver
  • GPS Compass (SC50/SC110) or gyrocompass provides heading information
  • Target ship's information (CPA/TCPA, COG/SOG and name) scrolled across LCD display
  • Use an RP card to upgrade existing Furuno RADARs for AIS target view
  • 2,000 reports/minute ship reporting capacity or 4,500 reports/minute on 2 channels
  • 12 Channels internal GPS Receiver with Differential (DGPS)

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