Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass, Complete with 34\" GPS TriAnte
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Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass, Complete with 34" GPS TriAnte

The Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass uses an advanced GPS Kinematic technology which means the Compass is not affected by how fast the ship is moving, geomagnetism or latitude.  It's a hybrid GPS Receiver and 3-axis solid-state rate sensor which also enables accurate heading information even if tall buildings or bridges block satellite signals.

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Display Size: 4.5 inches
Display Type:
Mono LCD
Power Use:
12 VDC or 24 VDC
Receiver Type:
34 inch Tri-Antenna

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The Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass has an extremely accurate GPS WAAS Data for SOG, COG, ROT, and L/L.  You can program multiple high-speed heading data outputs and use the Analog Pitch and Roll Output for enhancing the Furuno Sonar System.

Furuno SC110 GPS Compass

Wide Range of Applications

The Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass can handle sending accurate heading information to multiple devices, including:  Radar/ARPA, Satellite Communications & TV systems, Autopilots, AIS, ECDIS, Scanning Sonar, Chart Plotters, and other marine electronics.

Furuno SC110 Satellite Compass Features
  • Extremely accurate GPS WAAS Data (SOG, COG, ROT, L/L)
  • Analog Pitch and Roll Output capable for Furuno Sonar Systems
  • Heading Accuracy within .5 degrees for Satellite Compass
  • Heading information for AIS, Radar/ARPA, ECDIS, Scanning Sonar and Chart Plotter
  • 3 Antennas to reduce effects of rolling, pitching, yawing
  • 4.5" backlit, Silver Bright LCD
  • Functions as regular GPS navigator
  • 4 Display Modes: Steering, Compass Rose, Heading Mode, Nav Data
  • 12 channels
  • No mechanical parts that require routine maintenance
  • IMO MSC.116(73) Type approved as verified THD-Transmitting heading device
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