JRC JCY-1850 S-VDR Voyage Data Recorder
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JRC JCY-1850 S-VDR Voyage Data Recorder

JRC JCY-1850 S-VDR Simplified Voyage Data Recorder
JRC Model: JCY-1850

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JRC JCY-1850 S-VDR Voyage Data Recorder Brochure
The JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data recorder (S-VDR) is a so-called black box which complies with IMO, MSC 163(78) performance standard according to IMO, SOLAS-V, Regulation 20 as well as VDR, recording navigational information, bridge conversation and VHF communication. The recorded data is used to analyze causes of an accident such as collision, grounding or sinking. The SOLAS obligates to carry S-VDR for all existing cargo ships over 3,000GT after 1 July, 2006 but not later than 1 July, 2010.
JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder SVDR HD Video Playlist:
JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Carriage Requirement
International Voyage Existing Cargo Ships Mandatory Installation
Over 20,000 Gross Tong (GT) The first dry-docking after 1 July,
2006 but not later than 1 July 2009.
Over 3,000 GT, Less Than 20,000GT The first dry-docking after 1 July,
2007 but not later than 1 July 2010.
In-house technology
  JRC uses self fabricated reliable, marine hard-ware, purposely designed for the S- VDR. The non PC-based equipment ensures spare parts availability for many years.
Dedicated industrial OS
  A reliable platform is created by using an optimized operating system. The dedicated software guarantees a stable environment.
World-wide support
  JRC gives continuous support through its offices and network of over 270 fully trained agents around the world.
L3 capsule
  L3 is one of the main suppliers of flight recorders to the aircraft industry.
They have proven themselves in the VDR market and are the worldwide leader. L3 delivers one of the smallest and lightest S-VDR capsules in the market.

Space saving black-box design
  Mount the black-box at a convenient location to make all necessary interfacing.
The separate operation panel can be located on the bridge for easy-access to
status and alarm information.
  JRC includes playback-software that also incorporates real time monitoring functionality on the user PC.
The acquisitioned data can be displayed as both graphical and numerical.
Standard CSV data conversion enables easy and efficient exchange of information to shore, e.g. by e-mail.
External recording
  Standard LAN output enables you to connect up to 4 different PC's by use of a hub.
All S-VDR data, including radar video, can be stored on these PC's. 3GB storage capacity per day is required if you would like to save the data on your computer.
These gives you the possibility to easily playback, select and send data.
JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Specifications
International requirements
IMO MSC163(78), IEC 61996-2, IEC61162-1&-2, IEC60945, etc.
Protective capsule
Recording data [Mandatory] date & time, ship's position, speed, heading, bridge communications, AIS information (inaccessible radar)
[IEC61162 accessible] under keel clearance, bridge main alarms, rudder order/response, engine order/response, water,- fire-tight door status, hull opening status, accelerations and hull stresses, wind speed/directions, etc.
Recording data stream minimum continuous 12-hour data
Data recording interval radar image:15-sec interval
Data hold interval over 2 years when un-powered
Environment condition fire:1100°C for 1-hour, 260°C for 10-hours - deep-sea
pressure:60 Mpa (equivalent to 6000 m) for 24-hours, etc.
Input ports for sensor connecting
Mic audio 9 ports
VHF audio 3 ports
IEC61162-1&2 16 ports
NSK sync/step/pulse unit
Radar (option) RGB
Analogue (option) 32 ports max.
Contact (option) 256 ports max.
System input voltage
AC100 / 110 / 115 / 120 / 220 / 240 V
JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Standard Components
Unit Model Qty
Protective capsule unit NDH-317 1
Connection box NQE-3163 1
Recording control unit NDV-1850 1
Operation panel Unit NCG-169 1
Microphone NVT-161 3
Spare parts 7ZXJD0080 1
Playback software CYC-315
(For Investigator)
Playback software CYC-316
(For Operator)
JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Optional Components
Unit Model I'd
Waterproof microphone NVT-162 2
Frame graver board kit
(For Radar video)
7ZZJD0052 1
Second video channel kit
(For Radar video)
7ZZJD0055 1
Armored LAN cable
(Waterproof type)
7ZCAF0200 30m

JRC JCY-1850 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Dimensions

Dimension:Protective Dimension:Connection Dimension:Recording
Dimension:Operation Dimension:Microphone Dimension:Waterproof

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