Model: JMA-5322-7

JRC JMA-5322-7 Marine RADAR, IMO with ARPA MkII Version
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JRC JMA-5322-7 Marine RADAR, IMO with ARPA MkII Version

The JRC JMA-5322-7 RADAR with ARPA MKII has a 7' Antenna is a state-of-the-art radar with Real-Time Radar relax operation and quick indication.  It enhances radar performance with user-friendly operations and meets IMO performance standards.

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Display: Not included
Antenna Size: 7'
Antenna Type: Scanner
Power Output: 25 kW
Range: .125 - 96nm

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JRC JMA-5322-7 RADAR Brochure

The JRC JMA-5322-7 features Constaview which allows information gathered by the radar to be stored in memory.  This allows for switching between views instantly, North-up, Head-up or Range changes.

jma 5300

Chart Overlay

The chart information can be combined with Radar images for a complete look at the activity around the ship.  Safe navigation is made possible with the combination of electronic charts, tracking and AIS targets for own ship and other ship's and the entering of waypoints.

JRC  JMA-5322-7 Features

  • Full control of radar operations with keyboard or trackball
  • Ultra flat, compact keyboard
  • Buttons are dedicated use for most commonly used functions
  • Integrated trackball with connection to PS/2 trackball (optional)
  • Large and easy to use analog controls for SEA, GAIN, EBL, VRM and RAIN

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