Model: 5700SMG

Motorola 5700SMG 5.7 Ghz Subscriver Module
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Motorola 5700SMG 5.7 Ghz Subscriver Module

Motorola 5700SMG 5.7 GHz Subscriber Module

Manufacturer p/n: 5700SMG

Today's data-driven world demands reliable solutions to connect people and things to the Internet. With the Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform you can connect things faster and more affordably than most other wireless broadband offerings. Motorola provides an array of different modules so that you can tailor the system to meet your performance and cost requirements.

The Canopy Subscriber Modules can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. The Motorola Canopy Subscriber Module portfolio is priced so that you can focus your valuable resources on deploying applications and services to help build your network while offering high-speed Internet connectivity at a fraction of the cost of wireline services.

Whether you are building a private network or deploying the Canopy equipment in a public network, the ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness of the Canopy solution will allow you and your customers to begin generating revenue almost immediately.

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