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Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio, Antenna Coupler, Handset - DISCONTINUED

Power Output Power Use
250 W 24 VDC

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio Delivers Effective DSC Capabilities:
The Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio is a new MF/HF radiotelephone for general communications and GMDSS applications. Provided in addition to radiotelephony operation are DSC (Digital Selective Call) on general communications and DSC Watch Receiver on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands. The Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio maintains a continuous watch on a distress call even while you are exchanging normal voice messages. DSC channels can be individually set or all selected channels can be automatically scanned. When a DSC message is received, the radiotelephone gives audible and visual alarms.

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio HD Video Playlist:

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio has wide Frequency Range:

The Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio works on all authorized transmit frequencies between 1.6 and 27.5 MHz. Receiver frequencies are selectable between 100 kHz and 30 MHz in 10 Hz steps. The transmit and receive frequencies can be selected separately or in pair. The digital frequency synthesizer provides high frequency stability for DSC and NBDP as well as telephony operation. The compact cabinet allows a flexible and space saving installation in a communication console.

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio Optional Equipment:
Optional equipment include a distress alert unit, received call unit, remote control unit and distress message control unit. In addition, a telex modem (NBDP) can be accommodated in the transceiver unit for general message transfer and distress message/maritime safety information handling, satisfying the carriage requirement in GMDSS A3- A4 sea areas.

Standard Features of the Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio:
● Distress, safety and routine communications
Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements
Instant selection of 256 preset channels
160-character message on high-legibility LCD display
Optional NBDP modem and monitor
Easy channel selection with rotary control or direct keyboard input
Scanning of DSC frequencies for distress and general calls on MF/HF
File editing for ready transmission of DSC message
GPS position automatically included in a distress call

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio Power Requirements:
● 24 VDC
● 35A for TX
● 1.5A for RX

Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio Technical Specifications and Dimensions
Furuno FS2570 SSB MF/HF Radio Technical Specifications and Dimensions

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 October, 2013.

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