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Eventide DIR911t Digital Instant Recall Recorders - DISCONTINUED
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Eventide DIR911t Digital Instant Recall Recorders - DISCONTINUED

Eventide  DIR911t Digital Instant Recall Recorders
Manufacturer P/N: DIR911t





Eventide-the company that invented the digital voice audio logger-turned its attention to instant recall devices and found that most units had one glaring omission. When the incoming telephone call or radio transmission is difficult to understand, the operator can play it again, but can't hear it more clearly.

IntelliClear Variable Speed Control

Drawing on our expertise in professional recording and broadcasting, we changed that with the IntelliClear™ variable speed control. This feature lets the operator slow down the playback (or speed it up) without changing the pitch or degrading the sound quality. This breakthrough-made possible by advanced DSP (digital signal processing) circuitry-is nothing like the slow speed button offered by other units, which often makes audio even harder to understand. Slowing down the replay with IntelliClear actually increases intelligibility. Operators can frequently understand speech which had been hopelessly garbled.

To make IntelliClear even more useful, Eventide rethought the conventional rewind/fast forward controls found on other recall devices, which overshoot the desired segment within a message making the operator hunt and peck awkwardly until the right segment is found. The DIR911T's rewind and fast forward work differently; the single control wheel located beside the recall button provides precise jogging backward and forward by simply turning the wheel to the left or right. It's fast and easy-to-use, and is ideal for high-pressure public safety operations.

Large Display

The DIR911T's back-lit 4 line x 40 character LCD screen is much larger than those on other recall units, and shows a wider range of information. Telephone numbers can be captured from DTMF, Caller ID, or ALI data stream, and will appear on the display. All message information such as time/date, message number, message lengths, etc. are clearly shown. For operating ease, the bottom line of the LCD dynamically labels four soft key buttons with the proper designations for each function.

The DIR911T can be installed as a compact desktop unit or optionally as a 5.25 x 19 single or dual rackmount. The choice in instant recall units for public safety applications is clear: The DIR911T with IntelliClear variable speed control is in a class by itself!

Key Features

  • Compact standalone digital platform w/Linux Operating System in Flash Memory
  • Ethernet Connection for e-mailing, PC Control access, remote archiving, software updates
  • Option for Dual RAID1 mirrored 160GB Internal Hard Disk Drives = 24,000 Channel Hours (@ 13.3Kbps GSM)
  • 2 or 4 Channels of Simultaneous recording & Playback
  • Large bright multi-line Back-Lit LCD Screen
  • Message search with next and previous message buttons and rapid message scan control
  • IntelliClearTM playback speed-control with DSP pitch correction
  • Date and time tag with each message
  • Dedicated Recall, Save and Call Record filter buttons
  • Dedicated line select and System setup buttons
  • On/Off Adjustable AGC on record and play side
  • Four soft keys for full functionality
  • Easy to use jog forward/backwards, fast message scan and speed control knob
  • Save messages from erasure for later review
  • Record, display & search by CLID, DTMF or ALI data
  • Display message #, message time/date, message length, and current time and date
  • Display saved message indicators
  • Internal 2 watt loud speaker with volume control knob
  • FCC approved internal telephone interface with selectable beep
  • Password security for system configuration
  • Headset, re-record and monitor line level mix output jacks
  • Front Panel USB-A & USB-B connectors & rear panel USB connectors
  • Plug in USB Thumb Drive for re-recording calls
  • Easy to use Eventide MediaAgentTM Instant Recall Software for Windows PCs
  • Easy to use Eventide MediaWorksTM Software for Windows PCs
  • Automatically Archive calls to any network connected Atlas logger
  • Save calls between date ranges manually to USB Attached Hard Disk
  • External time/date sync from RS232 standard formats, Ethernet NTP or GPS receiver
  • Record activation from VOX, on/off hook voltage or external closure
  • 5 minute internal UPS
  • All-in-one chassis design; desktop, single rack mount or dual rack mount
  • Email recorded calls, system alerts and alarms



Channel Capacity Per Unit

  • Analog - 2 or 4

Remote Window Programs

  • MediaWorks™

  • MediaAgent™

On-Line Recording Storage

  • 128MB RAM storage (20 Hours @ 13.3Kbps GSM), or

  • 384MB RAM storage option (61 Hours @ 13.3Kbps GSM), or

  • Dual mirrored 160GB RAID-1 option (24,000 Hours @ 13.3Kbps GSM)

System Platform

  • Digital non-proprietary appliance

Operating System

  • Embedded Linux running in flash memory

Archive Recording

  • To any Eventide ATLAS series recorder via network connection

  • Re-record to USB drive

Record Activation Selectable per Channel

  • VOX

  • Hook detect (on Telephone line input channels)

  • External closure

Record Connectivity

  • Analog - telephone, radio, microphones, etc.

  • Digital phones (via available adapters)

Telephone Interfaces

  • Up to 4 Telephone line inputs with RJ-11 jacks

  • Selectable beep tone

  • Detect CLID on connected lines

  • Detect DTMF on connected lines

Aux Analog Interfaces

  • Up to 4 Aux inputs with 3.5mm audio jacks:

  • For connection to unbalanced sources

  • Variable gain

  • VOX activation for recording

Compression Rates

  • PCM - 128Kbps

  • A-Law PCM - 64Kbps

  • u-Law PCM - 64Kbps

  • G.726 - 32Kbps

  • GSM - 13.3Kbps

Call Record Database

  • Relational database of all call records

Remote Playback Search Parameters

  • Channel name/number

  • Time/date

  • Call duration

  • Call direction

  • Dialed number

  • Caller ID number

  • Call record filtering


  • User ID/Password

Remote Diagnostics

  • Via network or USB modem

ALI Data Interface

  • Telephone number extracted from ALI data stream

Self Diagnostics

  • Boot-up system test,

  • Continuous system monitoring,

  • Email alarms

Rear Panel

  • RJ-11 input jacks

  • Aux input jacks

  • Serial data I/O ports

  • USB connectors

  • Ethernet connector

  • Locking 12V power connector

  • Enable/disable battery


  • Resolution - 1 second, accuracy - 2 seconds per day

  • External sync - RS232 format 0,1, or 2

  • NTP server or GPS receiver


  • Ethernet 10/100Mps, TCP/IP protocol

  • MediaWorks and MediaAgent Windows-based clients, up to 4 simultaneous accesses; MediaAgent software provides instant recall from desktop PC

Electrical (Audio)

  • Frequency response: 200 to 3400 Hz

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 50dB

  • Distortion: less than 3%

  • Audio input level:-35dB to +5dB with AGC

  • Input impedance (Telephone jack channels): 10kOhm balanced

  • Input impedance (Aux jack channels): Line-level, unbalanced


  • 3 lbs. excluding rack ears and power supply


  • Desktop - 5.5H x 8.25W x 6.5D

  • Single rack mount - 5.25H x 19W x 6.5 D


  • 12VDC/18 watts, external power supply

  • 115V/230V AC power supply included

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Eventide DIR911t Brochure

Eventide   DIR911t Digital Instant Recall Recorders Manufacturer P/N: DIR911t Pictures: Features: Eventide-the company that invented the digital voice audio logger-turned its attention to instant recall devices and found that most units had one glaring omission. When the incoming telephone call or radio transmission is difficult to understand, the operator can play it again, but can't hear it more clearly. IntelliClear...
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Eventide DIR911t Brochure

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