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Model: CH600

Furuno CH600 Dual Frequency Sonar
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Furuno CH600 Dual Frequency Sonar

This dual-frequency Searchlight Sonar is one of the most comprehensive and fastest of its kind. It provides 6 scanning step variations (6,12,15,18,21,24) easily optimized between high precision modes or a high scanning speed, which can cover 360° in a couple of seconds, depending on the distance of the echoes. Due to its fast scanning speed, it can be used at high speeds while covering a very large area. The Sonar provides the fastest and clearest echo for the ultimate fishing and navigation experience.


  • A powerful signal and image treatment based on a unique interpolation technology provides high-definition images. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand. The dual-frequency CH600 deliver


  • The CH600 comes in 85/215khz, 60/153khz frequencies versions
  • The CH600 comes with a 6" Soundome
  • The CH600 comes with a 250MM travel hoist or
  • 400MM travel hoist
  • 12VDC operation or 24VDC operation
  • Black box version available

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