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Model: CSH5LMK2

Furuno CSH5LMK2 Full Circle Scanning Sonar
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Furuno CSH5LMK2 Full Circle Scanning Sonar

he CSH5LMK2 is a full-circle scanning sonar that can rapidly detect schools, individual fish and changing underwater conditions around a vessel. Fish distribution and seabed conditions are displayed in 16 colors, 360 degrees around your vessel. The CSH5LMK2 is considered a mid-frequency sonar at 55 KHz. Its wider beam width coupled with its enhanced target identification capabilities make it ideal for searching deeper waters. Fish and bottom echoes are clearly separated and bait fish are more easily tracked. With automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, the CSH5LMK2 is suitable for both midwater trawlers and purse seiners.


  • e control unit combines ergonomics and function in a user-friendly, comfortable configuration. All controls respond quickly to the operator’s command and the associated reaction can be seen on the screen immediately. Four user-defined functions can be ass


  • CSH5LMK2 operates mid frequency range of 55khz
  • Full Circle Scanning Sonar
  • Consist of either a 400 or 600mm stroke hull unit
  • Black box option available

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